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Our practice is client centered. We believe critical services such as legal shouldn’t be reserved only for large wealthy corporations. We want to make it easy for small businesses to deal with legal matters so that their founders can focus on running their businesses and growing their revenues. 

  • General business law
  • Business formation
  • Contract law
  • Commercial real estate
  • Lease agreement negotiation
  • Intellectual property
  • Crowdfunding
  • Licensing

Our Guiding Principles
Our business is helping you achieve your business objectives while minimizing business legal risks and avoiding disputes and costly litigation.

We view our job as getting your deal or contract to the finish line. We don’t substitute our judgment for yours in a paternalistic fashion. Rather, we advise you of the potential legal risks and how those risks can be minimized, and make a recommendation about how to move forward. We lead by educating our clients on the best course of action and process to carry out their objectives.

As you may already know, legal startup costs can be prohibitively expensive. We are students of our clients’ business affairs. In that position, we also frequently offer advice on the conduct of those affairs. It is a position of privilege and trust. That is why even in this era of accelerating change, hiring a lawyer remains a highly relationship-based process.

Our practice is client centered. Critical services such as legal shouldn’t be reserved only for large wealthy corporations. With the business world today moving lightning fast, your focus is on running as quickly as you can to launch your business and raise that much needed capital. That’s why we strive to assist in that process, not slow it down.

Understanding our clients’ overall objectives are our main focus in the course of legal services. We recognize that in everything we do, we have the opportunity to exceed client expectations and become trusted advisors. We go beyond the role of mere technicians in negotiation, drafting or reviewing contracts and legal documents. Even when that means counseling you not to take legal action at all.

As business owners ourselves, we understand entrepreneurship and how strategic legal decisions can make or break a business. We make easier for small businesses to deal with legal matters so that their founders can focus on running their businesses and growing their revenues. We make it our job to create piece of mind for your legal rights.


Choosing the correct entity for your idea or operation can seem complex—From deciding on an LLC or an S Corp. We guide clients in choosing the correct entity depending on your unique circumstances. Also, we assist in the formation of founder’s agreements and operating agreements.


Obtain the same benefit large corporations do with our in-house services. We will be your partner and legal quarterback, guiding you through employment law issues, corporate law questions, and contract work.


We conduct due diligence, assist in negotiation of term sheets, and prepare private placement memorandums. We manage the closing process and ongoing investor relationships. We also draft promissory notes & provide Accredited Investor Letters for investors.


Understanding the implications of intellectual property rights for startups is paramount. We assist in the process of obtaining copyright and trademark protection for your company. We also draft cease & desist letters and licensing agreements for your company to protect your intellectual property;


If you are looking to purchase or lease space for your office, store, or a warehouse, you need to make sure that you find the right space and secure the best terms. We assist in this often long drawn-out process. We also focus additionally on loan modifications, workouts, & short sales.


Whether your business is looking for assistance with a simple or complex agreement, we will audit, organize, and maintain commercial contracts during negotiations. We consult on executive & employee compensation, confidential information agreements and we track the necessary disclosures and consents in preparation of due diligence.

Joseph M. Sternberg, Esq.

As an attorney and entrepreneur, Mr. Sternberg has experienced several facets of the legal and business world from the trenches and from behind the scenes. From attending board meetings as trusted counsel he has had first hand experience of seeing what works and doesn’t work. As a trusted advisor, his goal is to continue to be the propellant for business growth by minimizing legal risks and avoiding disputes and costly litigation.

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